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Talking Heads - a Gardening Podcast

Saul Walker and Lucy Chamberlain

Follow head gardeners Saul Walker and Lucy Chamberlain as they reveal exactly what it’s like to be professional horticulturists leading busy teams on large, private estates. Lucy and Saul have a decade of Head Gardening experience and it soon became clear to them both that life as a Head Gardener can be incredibly diverse, occasionally challenging and hugely rewarding and so they regularly discuss horticultural topics close to their hearts and give you an insight into their lives as gardeners.

Recent Episodes

Ep. 46 - Lucy lives and breathes Fruit and Vegetables - and has transformed her personal plot into her dream productive Kitchen Garden, so she takes us on a little tour of this beautiful patch...August 11, 2020 Episode artwork Ep. 45 - Whether amateur or professional gardener - practically everyone has had to deal with a lawn at some point - so Lucy and Saul discuss short, formal lawns and longer meadow swards...August 04, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.44 - Friday's heat was pretty intense, being the third hottest UK day on record, for Lucy and Saul its hard work - so we take a look at what we get up to in the hotter weather...August 02, 2020 Episode artwork Ep. 43 - The lock-down has meant a lot of people have taken to a spot of gardening, venturing out into there back plots for the first time. Encoraging this new found interest will be of great importance, so Lucy and Saul chat about how to go about this...July 30, 2020 Episode artwork Ep. 42 - As we reach the end of July, we've reached the height of Summer and are now looking forward to the long lazy days of August as we slide into Autumn, so Lucy and Saul take a look at what there getting up to in their gardens in late summer...July 28, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.41 - Many aspects of life have changed since the start of the year, and Horticulture hasn't been any different, but as the lockdown lifts Saul and Lucy wanted to discuss some of the changes in the industry that are already occurring...July 26, 2020 Episode artwork Bonus Episode #7: Lucy and Saul in conversation with Katherine Potsides - Head of Shows Development for the RHS - we discuss the effect of the pandemic on the Show's Calender as well as looking forward with renewed vigour for 2021...July 21, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.40 - We're Back! After a small unscheduled break from the Podcast, while Saul's back recuperated - we dive into his passion - Exotic Plants - so Lucy and Saul discuss big leaves and nectar rich flowers...July 20, 2020 Episode artwork Ep. 39 - Lots of people are thinking about a career in Horticulture, and why not, Lucy and Saul think it's the best job in the world, so they both have a chat about some things to consider before taking the next step....July 10, 2020 Episode artwork Ep. 38 - TOMATOES!! One of those plants that everyone has had a go at growing and a staple of the first-timer gardener - it also happens to be Lucy's (aka the #CrazyTomatoLady) favourites... July 07, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.37 - East Donyland Hall in the height of summer is burgeoning with fruit, vegetables and flower, so Lucy takes some time out of her working day to give you a tour of the best parts of the garden...July 04, 2020 Episode artwork Ep. 36 - Lucy and Saul love plants - whether Exotics, Fruit and Veg, Herbaceous or Shrubs - one of the thrills of being a gardener is thumbing (or scrolling) through a nurseries catalogue for some floral inspiration....July 01, 2020 Episode artwork Bonus Episode #6: Lucy and Saul in conversation with Toby Buckland - Gardener, Broadcaster and Festival organiser - we chat about the start of his career in Devon and abroad, why he enjoys the media side of his career and his own flower show..June 28, 2020 Episode artwork Ep. 35 - The garden at Stonelands in June is beautiful - herbaceous flowers full of colour, Roses burdgeoning with blossom and the vegetable garden packed to the edges with growing fruit and veg - so Saul takes you on a little tour of whats going on...June 25, 2020 Episode artwork Ep. 34 - For many June in the garden is the peak of flowering and growth, but Saul and Lucy know that it means some areas of the garden can get away from you, so we look at what we do when there's not enough time in the day...June 23, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.33 - Instead of being in our gardens, this week Lucy and Saul should have been at BBC Gardeners' World, assessing the floral marquee awards and running the Plant Experts Advice Desk, instead we thought we'd dedicate an episode to it...June 18, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.32 - One of the many questions Lucy and Saul get on both the Radio and at the BBC Gardeners' World Live show, is how to grow plants successfully in containers, so we have a chat about our experiences....June 16, 2020 Episode artwork Bonus Episode #5: Lucy and Saul in conversation with Adam Frost - Gardener, Designer and presenter on BBC Gardeners' World - we chat about life in lockdown, about how his early career developed and how his new garden is developing and influencing him...June 12, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.31 - For large gardens or large plant collections, labelling and cataloguing the varieties and species you have can seem quite boring (and a little nerdy!), but it's far from it and can be absolutely essential as Lucy and Saul have a chat about....June 10, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.30 - June in the garden is synonymous with one flower - the Rose - an icon of horticulture throughout the UK - Lucy and Saul take a look at how their Roses are enjoying this summer at their gardens...June 07, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.29 - Ooof! Lucy has hurt her back while in the garden, which reminds both of us that although gardening is great for your Physical and Mental health, you still have to be aware of your personal safety when working in the garden....June 04, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.28 - As we reach 10,000 Podcast downloads, Saul and Lucy answer a listener question on Greenhouse Temperature control and look at the ways in which they control pests trying to make a meal of their precious plants and produce...June 01, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.27 - With the mercury rising and rain in short supply in both Devon and Essex, its Irrigation, Irrigation, Irrigation for Saul and Lucy, but that doesn't mean they can't take time to enjoy their meadows and harden off tender plants...May 29, 2020 Episode artwork Ep.26 - With summer but a week away (although you'd think we're already there with the weather we've been having!) Lucy and Saul muse on some of their favourite summer events in the garden that they are really looking forward too...May 26, 2020 Episode artwork Bonus Episode #4: Lucy and Saul in conversation with Matt Oliver - Horticulturist at RHS Hyde Hall supervising the Global Growth Vegetable Garden, and growing some UK record Giant Pumpkins...May 23, 2020 Episode artwork